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1 x 90 minute concert set

2 x 45 minute concert sets

1 x 60 minute concert set

Can be self contained for up to 6,000 people depending on venue.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been rock royalty for over 30 years.  With over 80 million records sold, they hold the record for most number 1 singles (13)  and most top 10 singles (25) all time on the Billboard Alternative Chart.  Their long-term success has created generations of loyal fans.
Under the Bridge delivers an authentic Red Hot Chili Peppers experience!  Our live stage show captures the look, sound and boundless energy of a Chili Peppers show. We play all the band's greatest hits as well as some of the killer B-sides.  Book Under the Bridge today, you won't be sorry!


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